Show Dates

5 December 2018 (Wednesday)

6 December 2018 (Thursday)

7 December 2018 (Friday)

Major Exhibits

The 2018 Southern China Smart Manufacturing Fair is a professional exhibition covering an arrays of exhibits including smart manufacturing, IoT and automation production chain products from Asia-Pacific Region, target to pitch the booming market in the upcoming years.

Robot Technology

  • Industrial Robot
  • Industrial Robotic Arms
  • Mechanical Pick and Place Device
  • Unmanned Handling Device
  • Sheet Metal Automatic Feeder
  • Lathe Automatic Feeder
  • Punch  Automatic Feeder
  • Automatic Welding Machine
  • Automatic Coating Machine
  • Automatic Material Handling Assembly Machine
  • Automatic Warehousing
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Software Development System
  • Security System
  • Robot Simulation and Vision System
  • And more…

Logistics Automation

  • Electronic Coding System
  • Classification Automation
  • Conveyor Belt and Sensor
  • Data Analysis System
  • Electronic Shelf System
  • Data Storage
  • RFID
  • And more…

Bus and Wireless Technology

  • Industrial Network
  • Wireless Automation System
  • Communication System
  • Data Transmission Systems
  • Optical Data Transmission
  • Wireless LAN System
  • Field Equipment Tools
  • Wireless Field Bus
  • MODBUS Transmission System
  • Bus System and Bus Components
  • Engineering Software
  • And more…

Factory Installation Automation

  • Industrial Computer
  • Man-Machine Interface
  • Program/ CNC Controller
  • Industrial 3D Printing Equipment
  • Power Supply Machine
  • Variable Voltage Regulator
  • Industrial Control Components
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Wiring Equipment
  • Temperature, Pressure and Flow Controller
  • Power Switch 
  • Signal Warning Lights
  • And more…

Test Measurement Equipment

  • Measuring Instruments
  • Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)
  • Automated Visual Inspection (AVI)
  • Environmental Test Equipment
  • Microscope / Projector / Optical Scale
  • And more…

Industrial Automation Information Technology and Software

  • Industrial Basic System & Development Tools
  • CAD & CAE
  • Factory Production Software
  • Factory Integrated Management Software
  • Industrial IT Software
  • Industrial Internet
  • Factory LAN
  • Factory External LAN Solutions & Services
  • Man-Machine Interface Technology
  • Control Technology & Programming System Software
  • Automation Network Security
  • Cloud Computing Applications
  • And more…

Industrial Internet of Things

  • Industrie 4.0 Smart System & Devices
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Big Data Analytics & Sharing Systems
  • Sensors
  • Connectors
  • Drivers
  • Communication Software
  • Networking System & Technology
  • Cognitive Computing Systems
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Interface Design Technology
  • And more…

Exhibitors in 2017

*in no particular order

Travel Plans

Travel and hotel accommodations

The Fair Organizers will work with travel agents to provide a series of services, including travel visa application, hotel booking, transport arrangement and sightseeing, to facilitate your trip to the Fair.

Information of travel agents will be announced later.

About Show Venue

At the heart of Futian CBD Shenzhen, The Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Centre enjoys great accessibility to nearby commercial business centers.  Address: Futian District, Shenzhen Fuhua Third Road.


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